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‘A train to success’: Dean Saunders says he would love to be at Newcastle as a player right now

‘A train to success’: Dean Saunders says he would love to be at Newcastle as a player right now
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Former Newcastle United coach Dean Saunders has been full of praise for the club and the fans on TalkSPORT this weekend.

Newcastle United shocked everybody on Saturday by hammering Chelsea 4-1 at St James' Park.

Many fans, us included, would probably have been happy with a draw on Saturday given how many players we have missing right now. When the squad was announced and we looked our bench which had three goalkeepers, four youth players and two veterans, there was a feeling of 'we'll take what we can get'.

Newcastle have a phenomenal team spirit right now

We needn't have worried as our lads were exceptional. The team spirit in the group right now means that Eddie Howe could field literally any team and they'd all come together and play out of their skins for each other.

The group is so good right now that Dean Saunders, who had as a coach at Newcastle, said on TalkSPORT that he'd love to join Newcastle if he was a player now.

“Newcastle is a train to success. You’ve got to get on that train. If I was a footballer now I’d be joining Newcastle if I could.

“I’ve been there, the crowd is unbelievable, there’s 10,000 stood outside the ground just listening to the game.

“Everyone’s got a shirt. Most people in Newcastle only to go work to buy a season ticket, they love it.”

Hopefully our success will make it easier to attract new faces in January

Let's hope that level of enthusiasm is felt by players who are currently playing the game as Newcastle will need to recruit some new faces in January to flesh out the squad.

We don't want to panic buy in the winter window and be left with a load of players in the summer who are no longer fit for purpose, but at the same time, we don't want to drag things out and eventually miss out on targets. It's a delicate balance that the likes of Dan Ashworth and Eddie Howe must strike, but if we don't bring in a couple of new players it could be disastrous.

Our thinking is a lot of what we do in January will depend on whether or not we're still in the Champions League, something we may have a much better idea of tomorrow night after we take on PSG.

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