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Alexander Isak now shares what he thinks is the best thing about Newcastle

Alexander Isak now shares what he thinks is the best thing about Newcastle
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Newcastle United striker Alexander Isak was at the launch of the new Adidas Predator boots and gave a brilliant interview with Sky Sports.

At the Predator launch event, Alexander Isak donned the old blue Newcastle Adidas away shirt from 1998 for an interview with Sky Sports. It suited the 24-year-old Swede perfectly as the blue and yellow colour scheme reflected those of his National flag.

Sky Sports asked fans to get their questions in for Isak and he fielded some great questions with some brilliant answers, some of which were pretty funny too.

Isak's Geordie accent is superb

A highlight would be where he admitted he barely knows what Paul Dummett is saying half the time before giving us a demonstration of his Geordie accent saying "Areet wor kid?".

Isak also admitted that his best friend in football is fellow magpie Sven Botman but if he was stuck on a desert island with one Newcastle player it would be Joelinton because he feels he has good survival instincts - can't disagree with him there.

Isak was also asked what his favourite thing about Newcastle was, and as you'd expect from Isak he tapped this one into an open net.

Isak knows exactly the right things to say

"I'd say the fans. How passionate they are, it's a really hard-working city with the people here, everywhere you go you either see Newcastle fans or flags. You always see something that has to do with Newcastle and I think that's something special about this city."

Perfect response there, Alex.

Another key take-away from the interview was that Isak admitted that he is currently the happiest he's been in his football career. Long may that continue.

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