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Bayern not giving up on Kieran Trippier despite having bid rejected by Newcastle - journalist

Bayern not giving up on Kieran Trippier despite having bid rejected by Newcastle - journalist
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It sounds like Bayern Munich aren't ready to throw in the towel when it comes to their pursuit of Kieran Trippier.

Newcastle United rejected a €15million (£12.8million) bid for Trippier by Bayern Munich yesterday but Craig Hope claims that the Bavarian side aren't going to be dissuaded that easily.

It does feel like Newcastle are ready to sell and are now just trying to push for the most amount of money they can get for the England international.

Could Eddie Howe also be on the move?

However, Hope's latest post on X dared to go one step further and suggest that it may not just be Trippier that Bayern could be coming for.

In what was hopefully a tongue-in-cheek post, Hope mentioned that Thomas Tuchel's job is under threat at Bayern and as such, they could be coming for more than just Trippier - meaning they may make a play for Eddie Howe.

We can absolutely see the club letting go of Trippier but not Eddie Howe, not a chance.

We must stick with Howe

Trippier is important, well-loved, and will be a big miss, absolutely, but Eddie Howe has shaped this club in his vision and to lose him now would be catastrophic.

It just seems like another way to link Jose Mourinho to Newcastle because if there was a thought that Howe could leave, that's the obvious link.

I've said it time and time again, Jose Mourinho is not the manager he once was and we'd be far better off sticking with Eddie Howe and letting him grow alongside the club. He has the potential to be one of the greats, he's still a baby in management terms, so of course he will make mistakes along the way, but even the top managers do. I still trust in Eddie Howe.

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