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Birra Moretti to produce a special "Sandro Tonali" edition?

Birra Moretti to produce a special "Sandro Tonali" edition?
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Could this Twitter interaction lead to the creation of a special "Sandro Tonali" edition of Birra Moretti in the UK? And could it possibly even lead to a Moretti endorsement for Tonali and girlfriend Juliette Pastore?

We might be jumping the gun somewhat on that second one, but the couple certainly have the "look" you'd expect to see in a Moretti television advert or in an advert for Moretti in a glossy magazine. We imagine Tonali's agent Giuseppe Riso might be thinking along similar lines, too...

If you're wondering about the context here, it all started with a superb Moretti-inspired Tonali t-shirt design from The Magpie Store, which quickly went viral on Twitter. The design itself was then featured in the "behind-the-scenes" video released by the club, documenting Tonali's first few days on Tyneside.

In the video, while getting a guided tour of Runnymede Mansion in Darras Hall, Tonali is asked to sign a print of the design by the gentleman giving the tour, and gladly does so. This appears to have caught the attention of Birra Moretti, who today replied to the club's Tweet about the video to suggest a collaboration.

In the reply, Moretti actually suggest just making some bottles for Tonali himself. However, surely something bigger could be done? Some NUFC fans are already clamouring for a special edition Moretti box set with a class to purchase as a collectors' item and we'd also love to get our hands on one!

Here's a closer look at The Magpie Store's original design:

The original Sandro Tonali x Birra Moretti design from The Magpie Store

You can find the full Magpie Store online shop here.

And, just in case you missed it, here's the full video of Tonali's first few days as a Newcastle player:

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