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Bruno Guimaraes and Mark Gillespie compete for 'winner of the internet' after Sunderland win

Bruno Guimaraes and Mark Gillespie compete for 'winner of the internet' after Sunderland win
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It has been a while since social media was a nice place to be - it usually follows a Newcastle United win and it has been too long since we've had one to enjoy.

Today though, Newcastle not only won, but they beat the Mackems, actually they hammered the Mackems and they did it on their own turf with 6000 Geordies in attendance.

Needless to say, the atmosphere in the black and white half of the region is much nicer than that in the unwashed half.

Newcastle's players got in on the full-time fun

It's not just the fans who are having a bit of social media fun at Sunderland's expense either.

Bruno Guimaraes reminded everyone that he had already predicted the outcome on a game of FIFA by posting a photo of his screen after he'd beaten Sunderland 3-0 on the popular football game.

Soothsayer Bruno was a good shout, but Mark Gillespie may have just pipped him to the best jab of the day.

That location is *chef's kiss*

Lifelong Newcastle fan and perennial benchwarmer Mark Gillespie took to Instagram to share the team photo that was taken in front of the fans in the ground rather than in the dressing room.

It's the little touches that really make it

That's quality in itself, sure, but he put the icing on the cake with the location tag reading: Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK.

For those who don't know - which we're sure is none of you - a Sunderland fan recently tried to justify the Mackems' low attendances by stating that most Sunderland fans work the backshift at Nissan and therefore can't attend night games. We don't even need to rip the urine out of them, they're geniuses at doing it themselves.

Top marks to Bruno and Gillespie for piling on and keeping the good vibes flowing.

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