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Callum Wilson lifts the lid on the truth behind Sandro Tonali's Wetherspoons visit

Callum Wilson lifts the lid on the truth behind Sandro Tonali's Wetherspoons visit
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The subject of Sandro Tonali's Wetherspoons visit has made it to the podcast Callum Wilson does with Michail Antonio for the BBC's Players Channel, with our number nine spilling the beans on the real reason behind the Italian's strange evening meal destination.

It was apparently the number one most-asked question from listeners between last week's podcast and this, with Wilson implored to lift the lid on whether Tonali had been set up by the rest of the squad or not. Amazingly, it seems like he wasn't.

Here's what our England international striker had to say about the situation, though we're still not sure whether we believe him or not:

"I don't have that information for you. Do you know what? I came into training one day when it happened. We were sitting at breakfast and everyone was like, 'Did you see the pictures of Sandro in Wetherspoons yesterday?' I was like 'Surely not!' and they were like, 'Yeah, look!'

So they were all showing us around the table at breakfast, the pictures of him. And then he came into the canteen and it was one of those awkward moments. You know when you're talking about someone and they enter the room and you're like 'errrrrrr'. What do you talk about? So it just goes silent.

So then one of the lads just says, 'Ah, Sandro. Did you enjoy Wetherspoons last night?' and he was like 'Yeah, yeah it was good, it was good.' And we just left it at that.

Then people were starting to say 'Ah, did you know Wetherspoons, there are better restaurants you know?' but I'm not sure whether he's just Googled 'A good rated restaurant' or 'Five stars' on Google and then that's come up. I actually didn't get to the bottom of it because I started laughing and then stood up and carried on with my morning.

I need to get to the bottom of it because a lot of people have asked me and I have not actually got the answer for them. But I'll get it for you for next week.

To his defence, from the culture he's from it's a very classy kind of vibe. So he would've booked to make sure he's guaranteed a seat in this highly-rated restaurant he's found. He's guaranteed himself food and drinks (chuckle) and didn't realise until he's walked in that he's going into Wetherspoons, a place he probably shouldn't be going into."

Antonio, clearly tickled by the story, says he was most amused by Tonali phoning up to book a table in the pub and then putting his real name on the reservation. If this had happened at West Ham, the forward says he would've been all over the Italian with banter, but according to Wilson's account, it seems like Tonali has gotten off quite lightly at Darsley Park.

We'll see if there's more on this next week, but as it stands the information we have is that it was a totally unprompted booking by Tonali and he actually enjoyed his evening. We'd still love to know what he ordered and what his family thought of the experience, though.