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Callum Wilson puts up head-scratching post on social media amid transfer speculation

Callum Wilson puts up head-scratching post on social media amid transfer speculation
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Callum Wilson has been linked with an £18million move away from Newcastle United this month.

Rumours about Callum Wilson's uncertain future at Newcastle kick-off a few days back when it was reported that Atletico Madrid had come knocking with an offer to loan our number nine for the remainder of the season.

That loan was refused but it was then reported that Newcastle would be open to sell Wilson for the right fee, that fee being around £20million.

Callum Wilson is highly sought after right now

Then this morning it was reported that Chelsea were considering an £18million bid followed by Arsenal, Manchester United and Aston Villa this afternoon.

Now the player himself as posted a baffling message on X consisting of four images and a tornado and hourglass emoji.

The images are of a sunset, two of Wilson himself and then an image your ex-girlfriend would post on Instagram when she was two bottles of wine into a bender.

The hourglass and the tornado emojis are the big things to look at here. Is Wilson saying it's been a whirlwind but his time is up? Is he just posting cryptic crap because he's bored?

Is it all just a whole load of nothing?

What's going on?

The likelihood is that he's just putting something out there to let us know he's fit and ready for Fulham, but man, there are better ways to do it when everyone is on edge.

Read the room, Callum!

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