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'Crying': TNT Sports commentator aims a dig at bitter Arsenal fans after what happened last night

'Crying': TNT Sports commentator aims a dig at bitter Arsenal fans after what happened last night
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Arsenal barged their way into the Champions League last 16 last night with a 6-0 win over RC Lens.

The Lords of Irony had a good time last night as Arsenal fans had spent all day on social media taking aim at Newcastle fans for getting upset at the ridiculous penalty decision that saw their win against Paris Saint-Germain turn into a draw.

Still bitter about Anthony Gordon's goal that gave Newcastle the win over Arsenal almost a month ago, the Gunners' fans took great delight in saying "respect the ref's decision", throwing our words back at us, despite the fact the refs got it right for our goal against them and so, so wrong on Tuesday night.

Arsenal fans are now faced with a huge dilemma

In their game last night, the exact same thing happened when the ball deflected off Kai Havertz' knee before hitting his arm and no penalty was awarded.

Kai Havertz
Shaun Brooks via Action Plus
Kai Havertz had an almost identical incident to Tino Livramento's: No penalty

That leaves Arsenal fans in a tough spot. Do they now admit that the VAR and refs in our game got it wrong, or do they go crying to UEFA that they should have conceded a penalty and the officials got it wrong in their game?

Even TNT Sports commentator Lucy Ward passed a comment after the penalty was waved away.

“That’s what should have happened last night. That’s no consolation to Newcastle fans. But they did that goal against Arsenal though, so I don’t think any Arsenal fans will be crying about last night.”

More importantly we have Man United to deal with on Saturday night

It was a perfect example of the fickle nature of football. How one decision can be viewed in different ways to fit an agenda and how easily that opinion can switch when it suits.

Anyway, Manchester United is our concern now and they threw away a two-goal lead against Galatasaray last night, so they're coming to St James' Park off the back of a poor result while we have some anger to get out.

We're looking forward to this one.

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