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Eddie Howe issues vague and slightly worrying transfer update in this morning's press conference

Eddie Howe issues vague and slightly worrying transfer update in this morning's press conference
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There's no doubt in any Mag's mind right now that Newcastle United need new players through the door in January.

Our season has gone off the rails thanks to a raft of injuries that seems never-ending. Those players fortunate enough to have remained fit have been run into the ground due to having to play every game.

If ever there was a time to get transfer business done quickly, it's now. Right. Now.

Patience is a virtue

This being Newcastle United, though, that doesn't sound like it's going to happen.

Kalvin Phillips Manchester City
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For all the talk, Kalvin Phillips is still not a Newcastle player

Eddie Howe was asked about transfers in his pre-match presser on Friday morning and he didn't seem overly confident of anything happening quickly (via The Chronicle).

"Short term there would be a need to bring people in given the numbers, but we'll assess as the month goes on as by the end of January we hope to have some big players back.

"[Possible incomings?] It's something we're working on behind the scenes. There's a lot of work that's gone on, that'll never stop regardless of how active you are in the market."

Reading between the lines it's going to be a frustrating month for the Toon Army

It seems that Howe is fully aware of the need, but it's that 'as the month goes on' part that's a worry.

We do not have time to wait around and fanny on playing kiss-chase with potential targets. Yes we have players coming back in January, but they're hardly going to be tip-top after so long out, are they?

We get that we're not experts in the intricacies of football transfers. and it's easy for us to say we need players in now, but ... we need players in NOW. The fact that we didn't have one or two lined up ready to go when the window opened is truly baffling. We trust that the owners will get some business done, it's not like it's the Mike Ashley days, but come on, urgency people, urgency.

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