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Fear for the River Thames as Newcastle cause more London tears to flow through the Capital

Fear for the River Thames as Newcastle cause more London tears to flow through the Capital
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It has been six weeks since Mikel Arteta burst into tears at St James' Park and he's not stopped since, and now Marco Silva has joined him.

The tin foil hat business is making a killing in London as Arsenal fans and now Fulham fan claim there's a conspiracy that the PIF have paid off the Premier League referees because a decision went against them against Newcastle United.

We're all well-versed in the Arsenal story by now - the Anthony Gordon goal that underwent three VAR checks before being given, later being supported as the correct decision by most pundits and former officials and then, upon hearing the audio from the referee and the VAR, it was shown to have been handled correctly from start to finish.

The London Boroughs of Hammersmith and Islington are a tad moist with all the tears

That was six weeks ago and Arsenal fans still won't accept the decision, even going as far as to say that because Joe Willock told Arsenal players at the time that he thought the ball was out, that the officials and the technology must be wrong. Mental.

Now Marco Silva cried himself to sleep last night after he saw Bruce Lee Raul Jiminez sent off for a mental challenge on Sean Longstaff yesterday.

Again, VAR was involved as the on-field referee gave a yellow card initially, but VAR told him to take another look. Clearly, on the replay referee Samuel Barrott saw the incident from the angle that mattered, that being the one which shows Jiminez' arse crashing into Longstaff's face.

We have a tad more sympathy with Fulham than we do Arsenal because Jiminez does try and pull out of the challenge, but when you look at it you have to ask, what the chuff was he doing leaping in like that anyway? The ball was on the ground and Longstaff's body was positioned to play the ball downfield, there's nothing Jiminez could have done coming in from that angle.

Marco Silva criticised the referee's entire performance at full-time

It was a reckless and dangerous challenge that didn't need to be made, so he was shown a red card. It didn't matter that he realised his error in mid-air, the damage was done by that point.

For Marco Silva to come out at full-time and have an Artetian rant about the officials just shows a lack of sportsmanship. Still, for the Arsenal fans to jump back on it again on social media with their tin-foil hats and flat-earth-esque theories, it's just laughable.

Geordie boys: Leaving a wake of devastation behind them. We love to see it!

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