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French newspaper give head-scratching ratings to Newcastle's men after last night's game

French newspaper give head-scratching ratings to Newcastle's men after last night's game
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French media weren't exactly kind to Newcastle United in their post-match report last night.

L'Equipe is arguably the biggest publication in France and they lost all credibility last night with their, frankly baffling assessment of Newcastle's performance in the 1-1 draw with Paris Saint-Germain last night.

All bias aside, if we can, Newcastle played exceptionally well last night. Yes, we rode our luck at times and we invited PSG onto us a bit too much, but when you take into account the fact that Eddie Howe was unable to make any substitutions because he simply didn't have the quality on the bench, and the fact that that resulted in our players running on fumes for the last 10 minutes or so, they did exceptionally well.

Tino Livramento and Lewis Miley were exceptional for Newcastle last night

Newcastle took the lead midway through the first half and then defended that lead brilliantly in the second half in the face of constant pressure from PSG.

Again, taking our black and white specs off, we can't find any real fault with anyone's performance last night and amongst the top performers, alongside Nick Pope, were Tino Livramento whose amazing run across the edge of the PSG box led to Alexander Isak's goal, and Lewis Miley who made countless blocks and interceptions and also played a key role in the goal.

That is, of course, unless you're the guy who did the player ratings for L'Equipe who must have been watching a different game while having the Newcastle game described to him by someone who speaks French as a fifth language.

The level of disrespect shown to our players is unbelievable

Lewis Miley was given a four. That's four out of 10, not four out of five which we thought they must have meant when we heard about it. How they came to that conclusion is beyond us.

Also unfairly scored was Tino Livramento, who as we said, was instrumental in our goal, but also didn't put a foot wrong all night (and we include the penalty in that). Livramento was given a five. Again, just to reiterate, that's actually out of 10.

They did give Gianluigi Donnarumma a three out of 10, so clearly they were just in a bad mood.

If the game finished 1-0 and they were feeling bitter and spiteful then we could maybe see a case for being so disrespectful, but the fact they grabbed a point via a penalty that should never have been given, you'd expect more class.

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