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Graeme Souness now backs Kieran Trippier to leave Newcastle - 'He's served his purpose'

Graeme Souness now backs Kieran Trippier to leave Newcastle - 'He's served his purpose'
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There's still plenty of talk about Kieran Trippier leaving Newcastle United for Bayern Munich this month despite the club saying he's not available.

Newcastle's owners are stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. They know they need to move on players to unlock wiggle room within the FFP/PSR rules, but at the same time know that the squad is so fragile right now due to so many injuries that selling any player could completely derail their season.

With rumours of top players like Kieran Trippier and Callum Wilson potentially open to leaving and a deal on the cards for Miguel Almiron to go to Saudi, there's a fair bit of tension surrounding the club right now.

No exits in January without replacements please

We can see why these three players would be heading for the exit from the club's perspective, but the timing is what's giving us anxiety as a fanbase.

Graeme Souness was on TalkSPORT today and he said his piece about Trippier's potential move to Bavaria and what he said did make sense when you take your black and white glasses off.

“I think the player will definitely want to go, he’s served his purpose there. He was a bit of a magnet for other people going there.

“He’s served his purpose, he’s done a great job for them and he will see his chance to move to one of the biggest clubs in the world and a team where you’ve got a real chance of winning trophies. What a great way to finish your career.”

Trippier was the PIF's biggest signing to date

Tripps was the catalyst for the epic rise under Eddie Howe. He wasn't our most expensive signing by any means, but for what it meant to the club, and how it changed the landscape, he was probably our biggest.

He has been outstanding for Newcastle both on and off the pitch, but lately, on the pitch he's started to falter. We are 100% sure it's down to being run into the ground thanks to our never-ending injury list, but there's no escaping the fact that he's cost us games.

We're not saying throw him to the wolves, but there is a case to be made for letting him go. Although we'd definitely rather wait until the summer.

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