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'I am so sorry': Guardiola apologises to £45m Newcastle target but doesn't rule out January move

'I am so sorry': Guardiola apologises to £45m Newcastle target but doesn't rule out January move
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Newcastle United continue to be linked with a January move for out-of-favour Manchester City man Kalvin Phillips.

Even before Kalvin Phillips made his £45million move to the Etihad, Newcastle were strongly linked with an interest in the England midfielder.

Since he moved to the Premier League champions, though, things haven't exactly gone how Phillips would have expected.

Can Phillips look himself in the mirror and truly say he's earned his medals?

While the 28-year-old now has plenty of winners' medals in his collection, can he actually say he earned any of them having barely met the minimum requirements for being given a medal in each competition?

Kalvin Phillips
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January has to be the time Phillips leaves City

Pep Guardiola spoke about the situation surrounding Kalvin Phillips to the press on Friday (via ManchesterWorld) and he hinted that his future is still uncertain despite several clubs circling like vultures.

"I don't know what will happen. I feel so sorry for my decisions for him, I said many times. He doesn’t deserve not to give him minutes.

"I'm so sorry. It’s him I am asking for good personality, good character, thinking about the end. This is a perfect example. After that I have to give him something, I didn’t do that. It’s just because I visualise something I visualise the team and things, I struggle a little bit to see him, that’s all.

“It’s not because I am not pleased. I feel so sorry for him. It's a business, in the end I have to act professional. When I act… winning is a good decision and when we don’t win it is a bad decision.

“Hopefully, he can turn around and I have said many times, I don’t know what will happen in January. If he stays I am more than pleased because he trains really good and he is a lovely guy.”

Two transfer windows have passed since Phillips joined Man City and it became clear that he just doesn't fit. Two times Phillips has rejected the opportunity to move, instead showing a determination to stay and try to work his way into Guardiola's plans.

Will it be third time's the charm in January or will Phillips finally admit that his future would be best served elsewhere?

Newcastle have a mega-talented midfield but there's still space for Phillips

Newcastle have a pretty stacked midfield right now, but Phillips would bring that extra something that's been missing. Someone who can just perch between the back four and the midfield to break up play and turn defence into attack.

Bruno Guimaraes tries to do that job, but eventually ends up further forward in an attempt to direct the attacking play. Which is by no means a bad thing, that's what he's best at, but if we had someone behind who could add a bit of solidity, it would do us the world of good.

However, Man City have expressed a desire to bring in £50million for Phillips and with the best will in the world, he's not worth that much now.

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