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Jacob Murphy's twin brother wins the internet after his Christmas Party outfit appears online

Jacob Murphy's twin brother wins the internet after his Christmas Party outfit appears online
Owen Humphreys via PA
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Jacob Murphy is working on his return to action after having surgery on a dislocated shoulder which has kept him out of action for six weeks.

The pacey winger dislocated his shoulder against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League and then - forgive the pun - chanced his arm at a return against Arsenal where it popped out of the socket again of its own accord forcing the 28-year-old to need surgery.

Murphy has been on the media circuit while he's been injured and he was using his left arm to hold the mic when on camera which suggests he's very much on the mend.

This might be the best Christmas Party costume ever

If you were scrolling through X over the last 24 hours you would be forgiven for going into a panic seeing Jacob Murphy back in a sling.

Fear not though, as that was Jacob's twin brother Josh you saw.

The Oxford United star donned a Newcastle kit and a sling and went to his Christmas Party as Jacob. Absolutely genius. It seems being cheeky runs in the Murphy family.

It's okay to joke about our injuries now that players are returning, we'll let you off, Josh

We would love to know what Jacob's reaction was to seeing his twin bro taking the mick out of him. We bet he's already plotting his revenge.

According to the EPL Injury Table Murphy is not expected back in action until the end of January but that seems to be based on an interview with Eddie Howe before the winger went into surgery so he may be back sooner than that.

Newcastle are starting to get a few players back from long-term injuries now. Sven Botman made his return to action on Saturday to thunderous applause and Harvey Barnes looked close but is now not expected back until the New Year.

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