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Jeff Stelling now backs 'remarkable' Newcastle player to be included in England's Euro 24 squad

Jeff Stelling now backs 'remarkable' Newcastle player to be included in England's Euro 24 squad
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The legendary Jeff Stelling has found a new job since leaving the Sky Sports Soccer Saturday hosts chair after 30 seasons.

North East-born Jeff Stelling is now part of the TalkSPORT breakfast crew and was alongside Ally McCoist this morning with the two fawning over Newcastle United after another outstanding performance at the weekend.

Stelling and McCoist are often highly complimentary about Newcastle anyway, as they both understand the Geordie faithful, they know what our whole ethos is about, they both know that we don't expect success, we just want to see the effort being put in.

Jeff Stelling asked Ally McCoist if Miley could go to the Euros with England

We even make a conscious effort to forget that McCoist played for Sunderland, as it must really stick in their craw that he's always so complimentary about us.

While the two were discussing the passion and commitment of the players during this outrageous injury crisis, Jeff Stelling popped up with a 'bonkers' question:

“I have to ask you ... one player, 17, Lewis Miley, been absolutely amazing. Now this sounds absolutely bonkers but if he carries on the way he is now, could he? Could he somehow get on that plane?”

McCoist had to think about it and still struggled to give a straight answer at first, before going on to sing Miley's praises.

“Crikey. No. Yes?. I mean, that would be THE story if he could force his way into that squad but I’d have to say no at this moment in time.

“Jeff, I was talking to Eddie Howe after the game, clearly he’s a talented player but I can’t believe his game knowledge. I mean, not things that are necessarily easy on the eye like have shots at goal, running off the ball, just his general football knowledge and putting midfielders down angles where he wants to go where he’s strong defensively, shutting people off, standing on his feet, not going to ground in tackles, just his general awareness of how to play the game at 17 I find remarkable.”

I think we've made our position on Lewis Miley quite clear of late, we see him as the second coming. The lad has done and can do no wrong in our eyes right now.

We see no reason, beyond Southgate, why Miley couldn't go to the Euros

For us, if someone waved a magic wand and healed our entire squad tomorrow, Miley still keeps his place in the starting lineup.

We agree that Miley won't make the England squad for Euro 2024, but that's more on Gareth Southgate's inability to pick players on form than it is anything to do with Miley himself. It's not too soon for him, he's played at Paris Saint-Germain, he's been integral to wins over Chelsea and Manchester United.

Jude Bellingham was young when he began his England adventure (I mean, he still is) and it just made him better and stronger - it can do the same for Miley.

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