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Jose Mourinho sacked by AS Roma so of course he's Newcastle-bound - Media logic

Jose Mourinho sacked by AS Roma so of course he's Newcastle-bound - Media logic
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When the news broke this morning that Jose Mourinho and AS Roma had parted ways we knew what the stories would be and we were right,

The Special One probably hadn't even boxed up his desk before excited journalists were linking him to the Newcastle United job.

Sports writers up and down the Country, well, let's be honest, mainly down the Country, are absolutely adamant Jose Mourinho will be in the Newcastle hot-seat before long, and the fact that those same writers are the ones insisting Eddie Howe is under pressure, it's been a doddle for them to link the two together.

We're just not feeling it

Easy column inches for them, easy articles for us too calling them out I suppose.

Jose Mourinho
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Jose at St James' Park ... Just visiting

Does Jose Mourinho feel a connection to Newcastle? Yes. Thanks to working so close with Sir Bobby Robson who used to talk his ear off about us, Mourinho has a well-known soft spot for us.

Does Jose Mourinho have a reputation of going where the new money is? Absolutely, and to his credit he's often very successful.

Is The Special One as special as he once was? No. He's a far cry from his Chelsea days, still a good manager, for sure, but unless he has a magic wand that can heal our players when he arrives, is there really anything he can do right now that Eddie Howe can't?

We need to back Eddie Howe

We aren't dead against Jose Mourinho managing Newcastle one day, but not until Eddie Howe has consistently proven he is no longer the right fit for us. Right now, it's almost impossible to judge him for our season unless he's the one going around whacking our players in the legs with a crowbar while they sleep.

Also, we're not saying that Howe is infallible, he has made mistakes, mistakes that have cost us games, but there's not a manager out there who hasn't done that.

Eddie is building a long-term project that got off to too good of a start and is now suffering the exact opposite. Let's see what the median is before we cast final judgments. Stick with Howe until we have a fully fit squad and we see what the results are then.

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