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Let's play a game of spot the difference: Mikel Arteta and Eddie Howe edition

Let's play a game of spot the difference: Mikel Arteta and Eddie Howe edition
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Newcastle United were delivered a sucker punch in second-half stoppage time at the Parc de Princes last night as Paris Saint-Germain were awarded a hugely controversial penalty.

Almost every fanbase in England has called out the decision as being wrong, except one.

Arsenal fans are still, STILL, banging on about Anthony Gordon's goal from over three weeks ago. You know the one with three VAR checks that have since been proven to have been the right decisions by the VAR audio and several former referees and the head of the PGMOL?

Arsenal fans are comparing apples with roast beef

The Arsenal fans are trying to compare their situation with the one that happened to us last night. The one where a penalty was awarded after the ball struck Tino Livramento's chest and then his arm, which according to UEFA's own guidelines, and the decision made when the same thing happened to Lewis Miley earlier in the half, is not a penalty.

Tino livramento
Mark Atkins via Getty Images
Never a penalty. Never ever ever ever.

So now that we've established that Newcastle were robbed and Arsenal weren't, let's look at the difference between how the two managers conducted themselves after the games.

Mikel Arteta got up in the ref's face, cried like a baby on TV and went running to Mammy and Daddy to write him a strongly worded letter to the big bad bullies who made him cry. All of which has resulted in him being put firmly in his place.

Stay classy, Eddie Howe

Meanwhile, Eddie Howe, who was clearly bitter and disappointed, had a brief word and then calmly walked down the tunnel. He probably called the referee all the names under the sun in his post-match address to his players, but then to the media voiced his opinion that it was a poor decision but ultimately went on to praise his players and called for everyone to move on, admitting that there is nothing they can do about it.

Sheer class from the Newcastle gaffer who turns 46 today and has no doubt had his birthday completely ruined by a referee who had a brilliant game for 96 minutes, only to bottle it right at the end.

The rage levels around Newcastle are still high today, but at least we aren't writing to UEFA.

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