Tue 25 Jul 2023, 15:47 · NUFC News

More details on how NUFC membership ticket ballots will work in 2023/24

More details on how NUFC membership ticket ballots will work in 2023/24
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Newcastle United this morning announced that club memberships would go on sale at 10 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday the 26th of July), costing £37 for adults and £20 for under-18s.

There wasn't much detail given around certain elements of the membership, though, with social media sites and fan forums being filled with concerned messages from supporters who aren't sure how much benefit having a membership will offer.

Information is still thin on the ground overall, to the extent that the Newcastle United Supporters' Trust (NUST) is urgently attempting to get more from the club. NUFC has just updated the FAQ section of its website with a little bit more context, however, explaining how the membership ticket ballot will work and answering a big question about sitting together with friends/family:

How will the Membership ballot work?

There will be a 24 hour window to enter each matchday ticket ballot. This period will be communicated on the ticket on sale page on the website. Those supporters that are successful in the ballot will have payment processed on the card details they supplied at the time of entering the ballot, and will receive an email to download their digital ticket. Those supporters that are unsuccessful will not be contacted. Single match tickets cannot be forwarded on or re-sold. Our standard refund policy applies.

If I enter the ballot – can I enter with friends and family?

If each person has a membership, and you are linked by the Friends and Family functionality, you can enter the ballot as a group. If you are successful, each person will secure a seat.

The key points are as follows:

  • People will only have 24 hours to enter a ballot.
  • People will then be contacted via email only if they are successful in the ballot.
  • Tickets "won" in a ballot cannot be forwarded or re-sold, only returned to the club.
  • You can enter the ballot as a group with friends/family accounts linked to yours on this page of the booking website.

Hopefully, there'll be more to come. We'll keep you posted!