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Newcastle and Al-Shabab have reached a provisional agreement over Miguel Almiron - journalist

Newcastle and Al-Shabab have reached a provisional agreement over Miguel Almiron - journalist
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Newcastle United could be about to sell Miguel Almiron to Saudi club Al-Shabab.

This is according to journalist Ben Jacobs who was quick to clarify that a deal has not been done but he believes there is a provisional agreement in place between the two clubs and that Almiron is keen on the move.

Naturally, the immediate discourse in response to Jacobs' post is from rival fans claiming corruption, seemingly oblivious to the fact that our owners have nothing to do with Al-Shabab. Ironically, it also seems to be fans of clubs who have made some good money from selling their players to the Saudi Pro-League.

Miguel Almiron got off to a slow start at Newcastle

Al-Shabab currently sit 11th in the Pro League and recently offered the manager job to Jose Mourinho who turned it down.

If we could get £20million plus for Miggy that would be excellent business - provided we get a replacement in as our current stock of wingers tend to favour the left side of the pitch.

Newcastle paid £21million for Almiron back in 2019 and it famously took him forever to bag his first goal for the club despite coming to Newcastle with a reputation of being a goal-scoring winger in the MLS for Atlanta.

Miggy has been a decisive figure at the club with fans often praising his workrate, which has been faultless, but cursing his lack of end product which, other than a purple patch in October 2022 when he couldn't stop scoring, has been pretty poor.

Miggy's time at Newcastle is up it has been a journey

Famed for is complete inability to use his right foot, Newcastle desperately need someone on the right side of the attack with more than one trick up their sleeve and as much as we love seeing Miggy's massive smile and relentless energy, we feel that his time at Newcastle is up.

We simply have to move on to better players now, the time for sentimentality is over, we've given those players who were here during the dark times their chance, but if we want to grow to our full potential, we have to get rid of those who aren't at that level, and unfortunately, Miggy is one.

Mind, if we do sell him, I'm going to have to rename my cat.

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