Mon 5 Feb 2024, 17:47 by Ash Harrison

Newcastle fans yet again treated unfairly as latest fixture changes announced for TV broadcast

Newcastle fans yet again treated unfairly as latest fixture changes announced for TV broadcast
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Just a couple of days after Wor Flags used their display to call out the treatment of our fans by the TV Overlords, Newcastle have another London trip moved for the cameras.

This evening the next round of fixtures selected for TV has been announced with Newcastle United having had two fixtures in March moved at the behest of the TV schedulers.

The home tie against West Ham at the end of the month will now kick-off at 12:30pm on Saturday 30th March, but it's the game against Chelsea that will have the Toon Army up in arms.

More holiday requests going in at businesses across the North East in the morning

Originally slated for 9th March at 3pm, the fixture will now play on Monday 11th at 8pm meaning that once again, Newcastle fans face a late night in London with little to no way of getting home after the game.

While fans have plenty of time to make arrangements with the game being over a month away, it's the fact that it always seems to be the most inconvenient games that are moved.

The extra TV revenue is great news for the club, nobody is denying that, but it's coming at the literal expense of the fans who loyally follow their team up and down the country.

More fans will now be heading into work tomorrow with more requests for holidays because they will have to travel down to London on the Monday and more than likely stay over and travel back up on Tuesday.

Why always us?

It could just be confirmation bias at play, but it never seems to be our home ties that are switched to these late kick-offs on inconvenient days.

As it's Newcastle fans who have to travel the furthest each season, it really seems unfair that it's always our lot that has to do so when it's the most complicated.

The club better put that TV money to good use in the summer.

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