Wed 6 Mar 2024, 17:59 · Ash Harrison

Newcastle plan temporary structure to house club shop while huge Adidas refurbishment takes place

Newcastle plan temporary structure to house club shop while huge Adidas refurbishment takes place
Newcastle United via Facebook
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Newcastle United have cut short their contract with burgeoning sportswear brand Castore and have struck a deal with fan-favourite kit manufacturer Adidas.

The Adidas deal starts next season and as part of the big change, the club shop at St James' Park is set to undergo a huge refurbishment.

Such was Mike Ashley's brilliant business brain, he outsourced all of the club merchandise so the club made next to nothing from sales, but under the new agreement, that has been brought back into the club so more money should be generated by shirt sales etc. which in turn should help with FFP.

The St James' Park club shop is set for a comprehensive refurbishment

Work on the refurbishment of the Strawberry Place club shop is expected to begin at the end of the season but plans are in place to erect a temporary store so fans can still pick up their new Adidas shirts from outside of the stadium.

X account @NUFC360 has got their hands on the plans for what will become the world's busiest shipping container.

We are expecting that the return of Adidas will see a huge surge in shirt sales after fans became a bit disillusioned with Castore very quickly as the relationship got off to a rocky start.

Newcastle fans won't be sad to see the back of Castore

Castore's designs have almost all been well received but their customer service and sometimes even the quality of the goods has left a lot to be desired.

With the history between Newcastle and Adidas the German sportswear brand pretty much has an open goal ahead of them, so as long as they don't go too crazy with the designs they should end up raking it in this summer.

We can't wait to see what the first round of kits look like, especially with Newcastle being listed as one of Adidas' elite clubs meaning we get bespoke designs rather than templates. We are expecting the first kits to be a throwback to the first Adidas kits from the 90's that have become iconic - the grandad collar could make a return on at least one kit, and the blue and maroon hoops or some variation will probably return as the away kit.