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Newcastle United appoint new head physio following Danny Murphy's departure last year

Newcastle United appoint new head physio following Danny Murphy's departure last year
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Newcastle United have swooped to pick off Leicester City's Jonny King as their new head physio after the club parted ways with Danny Murphy.

There aren't many departments that have been tested more than Newcastle's physio team this season with a new player coming through their doors after every game.

It has been suggested that there must be something awry with the training and/or physio departments that players can't seem to keep themselves fit, but in reality it's just a vicious cycle. We started off with a few freak injuries which meant that the same players had to play every game, they become tired and more susceptible to injury, the injured players come back as another breaks down and on and on.

The timing of Danny Murphy's departure was suspicious

However, the release of head physio Danny Murphy on New Year's Eve did suggest that the club weren't happy with what was being done. And now a month later, the club have found their replacement according to Training Ground Guru on X.

Newcastle have appointed Jonny King from Leicester to replace Murphy. King had been in the role at Leicester for two years before opting to join the Magpies.

Let's be honest, if he can keep Jamie Vardy playing, he must be good at his job.

Jonny King worked with Eddie Howe at Bournemouth

King is no stranger to Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall having worked with the dynamic duo at Bournemouth from 2016 to 2021 before joining Leicester City.

We're not expecting overnight miracles here, but fingers crossed King can come in and make some changes that will see our players become a bit more resilient and less likely to snap tendons like the high E string on a guitar.

Does this count as a Deadline Day signing? Probably not, right?

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