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Premier League bosses set to meet to discuss new FFP rules next week

Premier League bosses set to meet to discuss new FFP rules next week
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If you read our site regularly you may have noticed we have a bit of an issue with Financial Fair Play/Profit and Sustainability Rules in their current guise.

Thankfully, there are plans afoot to change it with it looking likely that the Premier League will follow the UEFA model of allowing clubs to spend a percentage of their revenue on players. It's currently 70% for UEFA but the Premier League is opting for 85%.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that this nicely keeps that gate around the "big six" as their revenue dwarfs the other 14 clubs, including Newcastle who are making strides to catch up to the pack, but still have work to do.

If a business wants to run itself into the ground, let it

The Times have published a report this morning that mentions an idea that clubs will be forced to keep £25million a season as working capital in case of any unforeseen drops in revenue. Is it just us, or should that just be the rule and scrap the restrictions?

Kylian Mbappe
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Mbappe at Newcastle would be nice but it's not what we're asking for

Obviously, as Newcastle fans we're going to say that as we know that if the restrictions were lifted, our only limit to spending would be the generosity of our 80% backers, the Saudi Arabia PIF.

However, if clubs are forced to keep money aside that stops them from going out of business should anything happen, then surely it's then up to them how much they choose to spend on players? They're all big boys and girls now and can make their own decisions. It would be awful for the fans to watch their owners spend their club into oblivion, so we understand why there has to be some handholdingkyli but come on.

Just lift the cap and let us compete

Would we be saying all of this if we weren't the primary beneficiaries of such a rule change? Probably not, but it is what it is and we want to spend that vast wealth on some crazy good players.

We're not even asking to go out and get Neymar or Kylian Mbappe or anyone like that, we just want to be able to improve the squad, maybe, oh I don't know, not wilt like a handful of spinach in a pan when someone suggests we have to pay £7million for a loan deal.

The bosses are going to be locked in a room for two days debating the next steps for FFP, we just hope that they come out with a sensible solution, preferably one that allows Newcastle to spend some of that Saudi cash.

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