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'Reacting well': Eddie Howe provides injury update on Sven Botman, Joe Willock and Sean Longstaff

'Reacting well': Eddie Howe provides injury update on Sven Botman, Joe Willock and Sean Longstaff
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Eddie Howe has faced the media this morning ahead of the clash with Manchester United on Saturday night.

After getting the obligatory "how's life been since you were robbed by PSG" questions out of the way, attention turned to injury updates.

The good news is ... there are no new injuries.

No news is good news ... apparently.

The bad news: We are no closer to getting any players of note back from the treatment table.

Joe willock 3
Serena Taylor via Getty Images
Joe Willock expected to be out for weeks.

Sven Botman is apparently 'reacting well' to what he's being asked to do but there's no sign of a return from him, and while Howe says the injuries to Sean Longstaff and Joe Willock aren't deemed 'long term' they are both set to be out for weeks.

"He's [Botman} not training with us at the moment. He's building up slowly so we don't hit the knee too much. He's reacted well to the work he's doing. We hope that continues.

"We hope both [Willock and Longstaff] aren't long-term injuries. Hopefully we can get them back. But even two or three weeks at this stage feels like a lifetime. Hard to give you a definitive time on both players."

Harvey Barnes also has yet to return to training

Harvey Barnes also got a mention but it was just to say that he's still not trained with the group.

To be honest, we weren't expecting anyone back yet, so the news isn't a surprise, but it doesn't make it good news either.

Still, the starting eleven Eddie Howe put out for the last two games hasn't done too bad now, has it? We'll be happy to see them all on the pitch again on Saturday night.

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