Sat 14 Oct 2023, 09:17 · Ash Harrison

Report: 'Exceptional' NUFC ace has contract clause allowing him to move to Barcelona for £60m

Report: 'Exceptional' NUFC ace has contract clause allowing him to move to Barcelona for £60m
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It is now being reported that Bruno Guimaraes' new contract with Newcastle contains a clause that would allow him to move to Barcelona for a reduced fee.

Hold on to your seatbelts as social media is about to become a bumpy ride. has reported that Bruno Guimaraes' bumper new deal at Newcastle contains a clause that would allow Barcelona to pick up the player cheaper than anyone else.

We know about the £100million-ish release clause, albeit we don't know how/when it will be activated, but now reports are saying that there's another clause specific only to Barcelona whereby they could sign the Brazilian for a fee around €70m (£60m).

'Exceptional' Bruno Guimaraes has made no secret of his desire to play in La Liga, although many thought his preferred destination was Real Madrid.

Thankfully, it seems that he'd rather play for Barcelona who are currently struggling financially and would find it difficult to come up with the funds to activate Bruno's clause.

Although, let's be honest, we've been saying Barca are skint for years and they still manage to sign world-class players, so we can't rule it out entirely.

Bruno Guimaraes has reiterated time and time again that he is happy at Newcastle United, the fact that she signed for another five years should be a massive indicator of that fact, clauses or not.

Whether this report is true or not, there's really no need to panic. Bruno has brought Champions League football to Newcastle United, something he aimed to do when he arrived in January 2022, there's no way he's going to walk away from that project now.

If/when Bruno leaves Newcastle it will be a couple of years down the line at least, and by then, who knows who we'll be looking at to replace him. We should have opened up quite a buffer in terms of Financial Fair Play so we'll be at the stage where big name signings can be made.

Trust the process, and for now, let's just enjoy the fact that Bruno Guimaraes is a Newcastle United player.