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Report: Fan-favourite kit set to make a comeback next season when Adidas return as kit supplier

Report: Fan-favourite kit set to make a comeback next season when Adidas return as kit supplier
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Adidas and Newcastle United were a match made in heaven back in the 90's so fans are excited that the two will join forces again next season.

German sportswear giant Adidas was the kit supplier of Newcastle United for 15 years between 1995-2010 and in that time there were very few kits that didn't spark joy amongst the fanbase.

In fact, only one springs to mind and that was the bananas and cream kit which saw us come in for a lot of flack from rival fans. Although that too had its fans.

There's always one away kit that fans remember

As far as away kits go, though, you mention Adidas to a Newcastle fan and nine times out of 10 there's one particular kit that will pop into their head.

Adidas away kit mock-up
This is how we think next season's away kit could look

It is, of course, the famous blue and maroon hooped kit with the off-white trim and shorts. It's to this day one of the nicest away kits we've ever had and it's so beloved that Puma even gave us a version of it during their tenure as kit manufacturer in the 2018/19 season.

Now Footy Headlines has shared that they've heard that Adidas will once again be using that colour scheme for next season's away kit which has us absolutely buzzing.

Adidas are really going hard on the nostalgia if this is true

While no design has been confirmed the fact that they're going back to those colours does suggest that they will be recreating the popular design and going with hoops again.

We've knocked up an image of what the kit may look like and, well, we're happy campers.

If they keep everything else the same bar the sponsor and the Adidas logo, then it's going to be one stunning kit that will fly off the shelves, especially with fans of a certain age.

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