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St James' Park feasibility study kicks up to the next gear as fans are asked for their opinion

St James' Park feasibility study kicks up to the next gear as fans are asked for their opinion
Newcastle United
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Newcastle United have kicked off a feasibility study around the expansion of St James' Park which has now entered the next phase.

Today the club announced that it is seeking fan feedback on St James' Park as part of the feasibility study being carried out by CAA ICON.

The company behind the outstanding Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has been tasked with looking at ways to increase the capacity at St James' Park as well as potential options for an entirely new stadium.

All options are being looked at for increased capacity

No option is being left off the table at the early stages.

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The Cathedral on the Hill

Now fans will have the opportunity to have their say on what they'd want from a new-look St James' Park.

"The survey will ask a number of hypothetical questions which are not indicative of any specific development aims at this stage, but are designed to ensure comprehensive feedback is captured from a range of supporters."

CAA ICON believe they can overcome the Leazes Terrace obstacle

The club is being careful to stress that no decisions have been made as yet and all questions in the survey are hypothetical, but at least this shows that plans are moving forward and that the owners are being true to their word when they said they'd ask for fan feedback before doing anything.

The majority of fans are extremely opposed to relocating as they feel the current stadium being where it is is what makes it so special and unique, therefore the plan to increase capacity is the most popular option for fans.

However, that has always proved to be difficult thanks to the listed buildings at Leazes Terrace, but CAA ICON believes they can work around these obstacles.

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