Wed 7 Feb 2024, 17:59 by Ash Harrison

Sven Botman has signed a new deal in line with huge change for Newcastle United

Sven Botman has signed a new deal in line with huge change for Newcastle United
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If you've been flicking through social media today you may have noticed Newcastle United's Sven Botman has posted a reel to his Instagram.

The 24-year-old defender has signed a new contract which further brings him into the Newcastle United family.

Heading into next season, Newcastle and Adidas will once again team up in a huge deal that's already got Geordies excited, and just as Newcastle did two years ago, Adidas have moved to sign Sven Botman too.

Sven Botman has become part of the Adidas Family

The pictures on Sven's Instagram reel show the defender signing the contract, a congratulations from Adidas as well as a couple more photos of him doing media bits and pieces.

Twitter (X) user @Lisamole very kindly screen-capped the images and posted them to the Elon Musk cesspit before they disappeared from Botman's social media.

The Newcastle/Adidas family is growing and we expect that the German sportswear brand will be looking to snap up more Newcastle players before the new deal kicks in next season.

Adidas and Newcastle: A match made in sportswear heaven

Adidas has listed Newcastle as one of their 'elite' clubs meaning we will not be stuck with template kits and we should also be the proud wearers of the classic trefoil logo on our third kid.

The excitement around the Adidas deal is huge, not only is it bringing in a truckload of money for the club, but Adidas was the maker of some of the most beloved Newcastle kits of all time.

Subsequent deals with Puma and Castore just never managed to capture the magic that we had with Adidas, although both suppliers had their moments. There's just something about Adidas and Newcastle United that feels right. Here's hoping they nail the first attempts this summer or we're going to look very silly.

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