Fri 23 Feb 2024, 16:59 · Ash Harrison

The Copa90 mini documentary was not what we were expecting but it was still brilliant

The Copa90 mini documentary was not what we were expecting but it was still brilliant
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Copa90 released their 15-minute documentary on the Tyne Wear derby that took place in January and while it wasn't exactly what we thought, it was still gold.

We really should have put it together from the title of the doc - The Countdown To The Tyne Wear Derby - In With Sunderland - that it was only going to focus on the build-up to the game, but we thought they'd at least mention the result and maybe have a vox pop or two after the game.

That wasn't to be, but still, watching their fans getting so excited for the game and knowing the outcome still ticked that schadenfreude box nicely.

Kevin Ball admitted telling an old woman to F-off. Nice chap!

There were a few highlights in the piece with Kevin Ball admitting to mild elder abuse being one of them. What a stand-up guy, eh?

The former Sunderland captain recalls being on the bus to St James' Park on derby day which stopped to let an old woman across the road, he waved out of the window in an effort to be nice only to be given the proper greeting by the old lady which he duly returned in kind. Ball is a dick and Newcastle should commission a statue for that old dear. Those are the double standards we're going with.

Another choice moment was the Sunderland VIP driver saying how the fans would live off the result for 50 years if they won - because he doesn't envision life getting any better for Sunderland fans in another half-century?

Kudos to Copa90 for making the Mackems look stupid

Some of the things the fans said must have been left in by the editors to deliberately make them sound stupid.

"We've got nothing to lose, well, except being knocked out of the cup."

You couldn't make it up.

We realise it's petty focusing on them and it smacks of something they would do with their obsession with using "FTM" as a form of punctuation on social media, and the fact that their entire identity is anti-Newcastle rather than pro-Sunderland, but they do bring it on themselves.