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The Strawberry Pub emblazoned with Adidas logo ahead of kit deal announcement

The Strawberry Pub emblazoned with Adidas logo ahead of kit deal announcement
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Newcastle United and Adidas are set to announce a new five-year kit deal this Friday, the 1st of September, following the release of the fourth episode of Amazon Prime documentary "We Are Newcastle United".

We revealed the news about Adidas returning after episodes three and four were accidentally leaked by the streaming giant in the build-up to the Manchester City game, with the fourth focusing heavily on the completion of the deal between the Magpies and the German sportswear giant.

Ahead of the official releases about the reconnection from both parties, which are expected to come on Friday morning, The Strawberry Pub on Strawberry Place over the road from St. James' Park is being emblazoned with a black and white Adidas logo.

Hawk-eyed X user Joe (@slommyturky) was the first to spot some movement at the famous watering hole this afternoon, posting a picture of a worker in a cherry picker below the pub's Newcastle Brown Ale sign:

This was followed up on the same social platform by the popular NUFC comedy account "Memecastle United", with its more recent photograph showing the famous "three stripe" logo in black and white taking shape on the front of the pub:

Another X user "Dan" (@Mrmathsdan) then shared a shot of the almost-finished design soon afterwards:

Joe apparently then swung back around to Strawberry Place later on to get this great snap of the final product (bottom post):

The deal between the club and Adidas has most recently been reported as being worth a base fee of £30 million per season, apparently putting it in line with Tottenham Hotspur's agreement with Nike. This is around six times what Castore is currently paying.

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