Tue 4 Jul 2023, 16:23 · NUFC News

Tonali flying into Toon in style tomorrow

Tonali flying into Toon in style tomorrow
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Described by his "good pal Nath" as "an embarrassing plane spotting gorm", the ever-reliable Ian (@5yntax_Err0r on Twitter) is an aviation savant and a must-follow for any obsessive Newcastle United fan.

His eagle eyes have spotted that there's a private jet due into Newcastle from Milan tomorrow, leaving the Italian city at 14:30 and arriving in God's country at 15:53 (times both BST).

This would tie in nicely with Jordan Cronin of NewcastleWorld's Tweet from Saturday morning, which asserted that while the announcement of Tonali's signing was due on Monday he wouldn't actually arrive on Tyneside until Wednesday.

A tip of the hat to Jordan for his excellent investigative reporting—we didn't see anyone else in the media pick up on Tonali's delayed arrival before him—and to Ian, as ever, for keeping us and the rest of the fanbase abreast of the private jets flying in and out of Newcastle International. 🛩️