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Unai Emery left some Newcastle fans fuming after what he did at full time last night

Unai Emery left some Newcastle fans fuming after what he did at full time last night
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There once was a time when Unai Emery looked set to become Newcastle United manager shortly after the PIF-backed takeover.

For whatever reason, Emery decided against joining the project and Eddie Howe was appointed instead. It's amazing how fate works sometimes as I doubt there are too many Newcastle fans out there who'd have wished it had gone differently, even after seeing how Emery fixed Aston Villa.

But if there were still people out there wondering "what if?", they will likely have changed their minds after seeing what Emery did at full-time after Newcastle humbled his Aston Villa side.

The snub seen around the world

There are some things in life you simply do not do, and one of those things is disrespecting Jason Tindall. Nobody disses Mad Dog!

As the full-time whistle blew the managers and coaches headed towards each other for the customary handshake, but Unai Emery, after shaking hands with Eddie Howe, turned and walked away, snubbing Mad Dog Tindall who was approaching Emery with his big pearly white grin arm outstretched before being forced to do an awkward stroke of the chin.

Needless to say that went down like a lead balloon amongst the Toon Army who spotted the snub and the Spaniard has been hailed as "bitter" as a result.

It's a mistake Unai Emery won't make twice

Everyone knows that Tindall and Howe are a double act, a duo, a conjoined twin that is no longer conjoined. You can't show love to one and not the other.

It's fair to say we lost a large chunk of respect for Unai Emery after that display. He'll be on the list now.

Mad Dog's gonna get ya!

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