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'Very keen': Journalist now gives positive update on Newcastle's pursuit of 28-year-old England star

'Very keen': Journalist now gives positive update on Newcastle's pursuit of 28-year-old England star
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The Newcastle United and Kalvin Phillips chase is one that has kept journos occupied for months now and is still ongoing.

This morning inews reported that Newcastle were not going to be reactionary in the transfer market and that could place their pursuit of Kalvin Phillips in jeopardy.

The Telegraph's Luke Edwards, however, has a different view.

Luke Edwards believes everyone involved wants the Phillips move

Edwards was speaking on the BBC's Transfer Gossip Daily show and he believes that everything is in place for a move should Newcastle wish to pull the trigger.

Kalvin Phillips
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Phillps and Newcastle is the Ross and Rachel of football

It's thought that all parties are keen to get the deal done, which would be a loan deal potentially with an option to buy, however, the idea of paying a large fee for the loan deal is what's giving Newcastle cause for concern as they are determined to play within the Profit and Sustainability rules (formerly known as FFP).

“My understanding is that Kalvin Phillips is very keen on the Newcastle move.

“Newcastle are very keen on Kalvin Phillips, as they were in the summer. Newcastle are, like a lot of clubs, very wary about what has happened to Everton in terms of profit and sustainability rules.

“That’s a real and very present danger for Newcastle so they would like a loan. He ticks all the boxes – club want him, player wants, I believe, to move to Newcastle, but the size of the loan fee is prohibitive. They are looking for between £5million and £7million just to loan a player until the end of the season.

“I think there are going to be some meetings at Newcastle this week in terms of thrashing out exactly what they can do with profit and sustainability rules.”

Hopefully this meeting is sooner rather than later

Manchester City wanting between £5million and £7million for a loan is absolutely crazy, especially as it's not even a season-long loan, it's half a season at best.

As much as Newcastle desperately need a defensive midfielder, could they get a better deal on a permanent transfer elsewhere? That's what they'll be discussing this week.

Let's hope that once they've had that meeting and thrashed out the best way to move forward, things start moving quickly as the longer we wait, the more we are going to get left behind.

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