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Video: Eddie Howe and Anthony Gordon give a peek behind the curtain at Newcastle United

Video: Eddie Howe and Anthony Gordon give a peek behind the curtain at Newcastle United
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Former Manchester United defender and Mike Ashley Champion Rio Ferdinand recently went to Newcastle United's Benton training ground to chat with Eddie Howe and Anthony Gordon.

In a segment for TNT Sports called Between the Lines, Rio spoke to Eddie Howe and Anthony Gordon about how things have changed for them since joining Newcastle and now.

The focus for Eddie Howe was the difference in the style of play from when he first arrived with a view to keeping the club in the Premier League, to now with titles on their mind.

Eddie Howe shared how he had different playing styles for the different challenges

It's a fascinating insight into the difference in tactics and mindset between how the team set up and played to achieve their very different goals.

Rio also spoke to arguably Newcastle's best player this season, Anthony Gordon and spoke to the young winger about the differences in how he played at Everton, and how much he's had to grow and adapt to get to where he is now.

If you were ever on the fence about Anthony Gordon, then watching this video will definitely sell you on him. He speaks very well, he's very clear about what his job is at the club now and very critical of his past self.

Gordon insists there's plenty more to come from him

What's even more frightening is that Gordon, who is having a storming season overall, says he's still miles off where he wants to be and where he thinks he can get to. If that's the case, then we're so glad he's at Newcastle and we hope it stays that way too.

Rio himself is very complimentary about Howe and Gordon, and even around Newcastle as a whole which is nice to see as we've certainly not given him an easy ride over the years thanks to some of the outrageous stuff he came out with during the Mike Ashley era.

The video is well worth a watch if you have even a passing interest in Newcastle. And like I say, if you weren't sure about Gordon before, you'll definitely have your mind made up for you after this.

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