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Watch: Stand By Your Man - The Jason Tindall Story

Watch: Stand By Your Man - The Jason Tindall Story
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If there's a company out there who has absolutely nailed their online voice it's Paddy Power. Their X account is hilarious, the fan meltdown videos are exceptional and they've just knocked it out of the park again.

Their latest in a line of mockumentary-style clips is focused on Newcastle United assistant manager, Jason Tindall. Eddie Howe's right-hand man who became such a meme he forced a Premier League rule change.

At the start of this season, a rule was brought in whereby only one member of the coaching staff could be in the technical area at any one time, a rule which was aimed squarely at Newcastle United as other clubs had, for some reason, taken exception to Howe and Tindall's way of working.

Thankfully the rule has rarely, if ever, been enforced as it's absolutely pathetic, and we still get to see plenty of Jason Tindall creeping into the back of shots of Eddie Howe.

Now Paddy Power have made a video chronicling Tindall's journey from standing next to the guy doing the work on building sites to being the man alongside Eddie Howe.

It contains interviews with former colleagues and ex-girlfriends and features dramatic reenactments. They absolutely smashed it out of the park.

It's well worth a watch, and if nothing else it serves as a brief distraction from the match tonight if you're struggling to settle your nerves.

Hopefully, there'll be plenty more of these little gems, we're all for it.

We stand by Jason Tindall as he stands by Eddie Howe.

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