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Watch: View from the Rooftops - a look at how the other half live at St James' Park on matchday

Watch: View from the Rooftops - a look at how the other half live at St James' Park on matchday
Newcastle United
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The Padded Seat is a content creator who visit stadiums for their hospitality suites and reviews them, and yesterday they were at St James' Park in The Rooftops.

Most match-going fans go to the games for the atmosphere, to be with their mates shouting for the team they love as 22 men do battle on the pitch, but it's not all about the lads in the stands shouting and swearing. Behind the loud crowd are those who pay that bit extra ... okay, a lot extra ... to experience the game in a different way.

Every stadium has its hospitality suites, usually used by companies to entertain clients as a way of solidifying a contract between them. There are of course privately owned boxes for those with a few extra quid to spare who enjoy the finer things as well as shouting and swearing at grown men kicking a ball around.

The Padded Seat have shown us what the hospitality is like in The Rooftops at SJP

The reality is, most people who turn up at St James' Park every other week will never see inside these suits. The vast majority probably never even want to, that's not what it's about for them.

For those who are curious and perhaps can't afford to fork out £700 for a ticket to the game, The Padded Seat has released a video via their X account showing their experience at The Rooftops yesterday as Newcastle took on, and demolished, Chelsea.

The new owners have spent a lot of money improving the hospitality suites all around the ground and judging by The Padded Seat's video it has been worth every penny. They look amazing and the food looks delicious. An actually padded seat is never a bad thing either, let's be honest.

There is a huge debate amongst fans as to how much these corporate tickets affect the atmosphere, with many pointing out that the particular area covered in the video was already a corporate area so it won't have made any difference, all they've done is smarten it up.

Does too much corporate hospitality ruin the atmosphere?

Although there is now a new corporate area in the Leazes Stand (WIngs) which could be taking away the noisy crowd for the more reserved corporate types.

These suites generate a lot of revenue for the club and will therefore be a good thing in the fight against FFP, but whether it's worth the slightly dulled atmosphere is something that will be debated for a long time.

The owners have noticed a dip in the noise levels at St James' Park, and now we have the Fan Advisory Board, we're sure that this topic will be discussed and hopefully, steps will be taken to get SJP back to being the cauldron of noise we know it can be.

But come on, bottomless drinks, nice bait and a padded seat. That's lush, that. Just ... make some noise, eh?

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