Sat 20 Jan 2024, 10:47 by Ash Harrison

We have to talk about that Rory Jennings piece about Eddie Howe on TalkSPORT last night

We have to talk about that Rory Jennings piece about Eddie Howe on TalkSPORT last night
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YouTuber Rory Jennings has somehow got himself onto TalkSPORT and he's either been employed to be the one to give poor takes or he's just an absolute idiot.

This is Rory Jennings who is not a pundit, not a journalist, just a YouTuber who has managed to fail upwards. Every opinion he has given should be rendered null and void after his infamous prediction that Erling Haaland would not be a success at Manchester City.

Joking aside, there have been times when I've thought that Jennings has been quite good and balanced, but since they've thrown him into TalkSPORT he's just lost the plot.

We're not having it, Rory

Or has he? The dynamic on that station is always two people in the studio with differing opinions. Two people can't always have opposing opinions, so clearly they are both given a side to fight for before they go on air and they have to state their case accordingly whether they believe it or not.

Last night Rory Jennings was trying to argue with Ade Oladipo that Eddie Howe is facing the sack this season because of the difference in form from the last campaign.

He basically said that because he overachieved last season he's now moved the bar for himself. That's not what 'overachieved' means, Rory. It means he performed beyond where he should have, it was a freak, a one-off, not the norm.

TalkSPORT is pantomime

However, for me, if you look at what he's saying and the way he's saying it, I don't think he actually believes what he's saying and that's what makes me think that TalkSPORT is nothing but a big set up with crackpot theories designed to enrage - because nothing generates reaction more than negativity, I mean here I am writing about it today and look how many times I've used the word 'TalkSPORT'.

What I'm saying is, while you may have listened to that piece last night or seen the clip elsewhere, take absolutely no notice of it.

We know that Eddie Howe isn't under pressure and that lot who've never been north of the Watford Gap know nowt.

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