Thu 29 Feb 2024, 14:59 · Ash Harrison

No surprise as BBC stat graphic shows Newcastle United to be most injury-hit side in the PL this season

No surprise as BBC stat graphic shows Newcastle United to be most injury-hit side in the PL this season
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The 2023/24 season will live in infamy amongst Newcastle United fans for the sheer volume of injuries the club has suffered.

Every season sees a side suffer through injuries, it's nothing new, but Newcastle have had more than their fair share this season, and they haven't just been little niggles keeping players out for a game or two, they've been long-term, often freakish injuries.

Knocks, pulls and tears you expect players to pick up during the course of a regular season, but Newcastle have had two dislocated shoulders (Jacob Murphy and Nick Pope), a broken back (Elliot Anderson), a strange toe (Harvey Barnes) and an unknown knee injury (Sven Botman), all of which have kept regular first-team players on the sidelines for extended periods of time.

Newcastle have been the most affected by injuries in the Premier League this season

Obviously, other teams have had to contend with injuries, we're not unique, but we are far and away the worst-hit side this season.

Injuries in the PL
Newcastle top the charts in terms of number of injuries and days lost

The BBC released a graphic showing how many injuries each team has suffered this season but more importantly, how many days have been lost to injury and, while Newcastle top both metrics, the number of injuries is a close-run race with two clubs just one injury behind the Magpies on 29.

However, the number of days lost via injuries is where it becomes clear just how badly hit Newcastle have been. Newcastle have had 1333 days missed through injury over 28 separate injuries. The next highest is Brentford with 1159, almost 200 fewer days lost.

Injuries, bans and ridiculous cup draws - what a season

Add to that the 10-month suspension of Sandro Tonali, and Newcastle have been well and truly up against it this term. Again, you have to remember that the bulk of those injuries were to players who would feature heavily in our season normally, not just fringe players who might have taken up a spot on the bench at best.

Combine all this with the frankly insanely difficult cup draws we've faced in every competition and you have to wonder ... have we been cursed? Or have I just been watching too much Supernatural?

Whatever is going on, surely it can't continue next season too. Can it?